Sunday, January 29, 2006

Khalbali in true sense of the word

Now thats what I call a movie!!! I can go on and on and on praising the movie right from the bottom of my heart. Patriotism the way today's world wants it, history depicted the way we would want to see it. One would really like to compare it with Dil Chahta Hai. Both revolve aroung a good friendship, and has a main storyline that the director has managed to tell very well.

Not many movies we see have been made this way. The director is very very clear in what he wants to say, and does succeed in narrating the story very well, backed by some brilliant performances by all the actors in the movie. Its a youth flick with a message. Amidst all the youth masti, it makes you think, and that too not over a stupid fictional love story, but about a real national issue.

Aamir Khan , British actress Alice Patten , Madhavan , Soha Ali Khan , Kunal Kapoor , Siddharth , Sharman Joshi , Atul Kulkarni and Kiron Kher - all have performed brilliantly.

Soha Ali Khan has really impressed. She has talent. I did not know that this is not her first movie(others are forgettable though). But this is an award winning performance by a newcomer. Full marks to her for taking full advantage of the role and good dialogues(again from Prasoon Joshi :)).

A R Rehman's music, as always, is just too good. Lukka Chuppi is my best(An unforgettable combination of Guitar, Lata Ji' s voice, Rehman's voice and music, and Prasoon's lyrics). Rehman's songs have the ability to "build upon you", as they say. Every song from him sounds ordinary the first time. And then as you listen to it more than once, you come to know the genius of Rehman.

Hats Off to the crew of the film!

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