Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I am back!

Ok.. so its been around three months since my last post on the page. I have been quite busy these days first with my semester going on, then my holidays(which were busier.. believe me :) ).

Hmm.. as another year draws to a close, I see very less changes in the world around me. Nearly everything is same..

Everything is as always very fine with Delhi.. just that some 3-4 blasts occurred this year, which resulted in great destruction and panic.. and the number of rape cases in the city went beyond imaginations, and some sting operations got some ministers restigated.. otherwise in my view Delhi is much the same(read BAAKI SB THEEK HAI)

In a broader view, a mild earthquake in J & K in October, a gangrape in a Western Railway train, a brutal murder of a girl in Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai nearly flooded by rains, nearly humdred deaths owing to the extreme cold conditions.. BAAKI SAB THEEK HAI

The living legend Mr. Amitabh Bachchan spent 19 days in hospital which had the whole country praying for him.. Uh.. Why am I sounding like a year-end issue of a news magazine!

Sorry! May be because I am new to blogging..

Next post :
About the Ganguly issue.. I have a lot to say on that

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