Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A poem I wrote last year on Tsunami

Something somewhere was awfully wrong...

Neither sweet, nor sour

It was bitter all the more.

More than a devil's curse,

Oh God! could it have been worse?

The previous day was a different one,

No other Christmas was so much fun.

Nothing, nowhere seemed to be wrong,

Celebrations all day long.

Fun and frolic everywhere,

With the city up in top gear.

Churches were the place to be,

Nothing was more charming to see.

It was beyond the midnight beep,

That the city happily went to sleep.

Could it have been anyone's foresight?

That he'd not see the morning light!

Suddenly and shockingly, the horrendous waves

Appeared from the calm, turning cozy beds into graves.

The early rising fishermen, however, were on the shores,

To be driven away, out of their life's doors.

For several minutes, the waves did last,

And left a few live faces, aghast.

Debris, corpses everywhere,

Humans turned into earthenware.

Debris, corpses everywhere,

Mother Nature! Is this the way you care?

Is that how you sing the Christmas Carol,

Firing silent bullets through an invisible barrel?

Life has come to a standstill,

Mother Nature, satisfied? Or still someone left to kill?

You danced to your tune before it was long,

Yes! something somewhere was awfully wrong.

A great damage, a huge loss,

Everything did break, except the Jesus cross.

A question comes to my mind, I'm keen

Was it something Scrooge's third ghost could have foreseen?

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