Monday, September 11, 2006

Just cant hold myself from writing something now..

So here it is.. the new blogger!
I discovered it accidentally.. I always wondered how come Blogger has not been integrated with Google Accounts. So finally it is, and that too in style.

It was getting really difficult to catch up with blogging, and I had almost decided to change the blog into a personal store, keeping it for my own purposes, nothing worth sharing etc. I came accross a good site that listed airline logos, and I wanted to save it somewhere, and write something about it. I decided to write a blog about it, so that I have the url stored for future references, and also a nice description of it in my blog.

But as soon as I open, (it had vanished from my firefox history as well!, showing how looooong its been since I last wrote something), and aHa! what a pleasant surprise! Now I can edit my blog much easily, no need to get into the dirty template html code, and figure out what stands for what, and where exactly to put in my meebo me widget, google ads code etc. Now Google has a whole new nice interface to it, drag and drop things that I have never seen before on a blog! This rocks, and now there is a newfound motivation to blog for me.. I wanted to write about a whole lot of stuff during this time lag - about the day I bought 6 sarees in Bangalore, about my Chennai-Mahabalipuram-Pondicherry trip, about my Hyderabad trip, about how I selected my B.Tech Project etc. A very special person had asked me to share these things on my blog, but I just did not get into the mood. I am glad I am back on my blog!


Kumaresh said...

hurray! Welcome back...

Shashwat said...

so who is the special person :D ?