Saturday, March 11, 2006

The iPod dilemma

Isn’t it amazing when someone for the first time in life gets to feel: This is my hard earned money, and I'll use it as I feel like.. No obligations

To do or not to do? To buy it or not to buy? Is it worth the investment? Is it value for money? Should I wait for something better?

These are only a few of the questions my mind is busy asking itself these days. Since mind speaks on a blog, mine too got quite verbose while writing the questions above till I stopped myself and gave a line break :). So... now that the skills I have acquired in life are actually going to get me money, I cannot stop pondering about spending it to fulfill the weirdest "fancies" and "luxuries" that I ever had and wanted and did not want my parents to invest in it, simply because I did not consider them worthy enough. Now that since most my friends are getting 15K from their internships, my 20K makes me think that I actually have 5K extra for my "luxuries"!!!

So while all these things are running in the mind, it starts to ponder over the question: "Why should I go for an iPod and why shouldn't I?" The following answers come instantly.

Why should I: Whenever I am traveling alone, I feel extremely bored in mid-journey time. In such a situation I so wish I had an iPod! Another reason is the cool gadget it is. So much in so small a thing! Amazing!

Why shouldn't I: Maybe there are more things that I need to have before I have an iPod. Take for example a digicam. I would consider it more useful than an iPod which can do nothing more than playing music videos. Absolutely no creativity involved. The real bad thing is that it is so limited is its functionality. One can get real creative with a digicam.

Tough decision this!

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