Saturday, March 04, 2006

Does it converge anywhere?

This post addresses an issue I had in mind since quite a few days now. Recently my sis forwarded me a mail containing zodiac based personality descriptions having around 300 words devoted to each zodiac sign. I was perplexed by the accuracy of the descriptions! I found myself matching to around 80-85% of the stuff written under my zodiac.

Few days back, a friend of mine told me about a person nearby who boasts of making quite accurate predictions by observing just the thumbprint of a person, and he is quite famous in his area to make quite accurate predictions. Now that was unbelievable. This made me to ponder over the deepness of astrology.

I have very less idea of astrology but whatever it is, I feel that future cannot be this deterministic. If this were so, I do not see much purpose in human life. One cannot (and should not!) be able to know his/her future to this certainty. In fact, the idea is much more involved. Imagine that you are being told your future by someone who claims to be very very accurate. Will not that effect your decisions and what you planned to do the next day or in that week? It sure would.. Wont it?

So the very thought that knowing about your future can change your present(which was future a few minutes back) makes one doubt whether predictions can be "accurate" to this level. So what we notice is that astrology gives a very blurred idea of what your future looks like, and intuitively that is the only thing it should be able to do. It doesn’t and cant tell anything accurately.

Another point of view goes like - These days it costs to know how your future looks like, unless you are an astrologer yourself. Since we look for "value for money" everywhere, this department is no exception. We are not satisfied unless we feel our money has fetched us enough knowledge about our future. What we need to understand is that these are just generalizations and there is a limit to the level up to which they can be accurate.

Some people believe in astrology to the length that they won’t start their day without looking into the "Daily Horoscope" column in their favorite newspaper and wont do anything before they wear their "Lucky Color" of the day.

Some are of the opinion that "I am not crazy about it, but just out of curiosity I may have a look at it if possible". Being well aware that this cannot be accurate, they just try to take precautions. For instance, if the horoscope says you may have a quarrel with someone today, they will try to be calm and cheerful the whole day. This is a precaution and it may work, just because horoscope can’t be accurate. So you did not have a quarrel not because you were cautious, but because the horoscope was wrong.

Some think it is shit and do not believe in astrology.

I come under the second category.

So back to the issue, I wanted to give a thought to where exactly is your future hidden? In the position of planets, in your thumb impression, in your palm, in tarots, or in the card that a parrot picks up for you? Or somewhere else?

Does it converge anywhere?

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