Sunday, February 26, 2006

Blog Templates My Foot!

To hell with blog templates!!! Wasted two hours on the crap thing.

Well to be more precise, I was stuck to my computer screen since the last 100 minutes or so, trying to change the template of my blog to something that does not exist in blogger. Tried damn lot of things, but alas! crazy sailor back home at last.

Finally got back to blogspot! There was this white elegant template which always used to pull my attention, but I was out searching for something better, which as it appears does not exist! Now I know why blogspot has so few number of templates. Seems they have selected the sober ones from a loooong list. Salaam Blogger!

Its not a single thing thats wrong with templates created for blogspot outside blogspot. Some of them cant respect the links I had given in the title of some posts, some cant just seem to be able to get the alignment right. Some are repulsive to the first blink of the eye. No one matched what I wanted. And the day I get such a template, I would sure want to use it right away.

I would surely love a template which is neat and has headings in some cool handwritten fonts(I love them) or a template which is based on my favourite toons Tom and Jerry and Popeye(but should not look overly childie). Also I wanted a counter on my page to keep track of how often is my blog visited. That is not supported in any template but wasnt a problem since so many free website counter services exist.

(Huh... Finally succeeded in writing about something other than Google(well, not really uh..) :) )


Moonlight n Magnolias said...

I agree... but the worst problem is that we have to figure out the HTML codes in classic blogger templates... beta blogger's XML is sooooooo much easier!!!

Anonymous said...

eh. interesting :))

Anonymous said...

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