Friday, February 17, 2006

G for GOOGLE!!!

Well well well.. Cant really say whats it. But the more I read and know about Google, the more I end up admiring and adoring it. The looks, the simplicity, the elegance of all Google portals have the ability to win any heart on the first experience.

But I would like to add here that the latest Google services like blogspot, and orkut(recently taken over by google) are not that impressive. The interface of blogspot is not at par with other Google services, and orkut has a silly bug which annoys you big time. If you are a regular orkutter, you must be familiar with the line : "Bad Server, No donut for you". Once in a while is ok, but this thing has started appearing too often that it has started bugging me off.

I was just going through some technical info about Google on their site(Now that I got to intern in google, its good if I am familiar with these things ;) )..

And without doubt, in my opinion, anyone who is learning internet starts its lesson not with A, but with G..

"G for GOOGLE" :)

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