Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Google Dot Com

Google is... different and interesting!

Everywhere you will find stuff like.. "Google spends most of its time in hiring". Thats actually true. A company of this caliber wont and shouldnt compromise at all.. be it interns, be it jobs.. anything.

I have had 75 minutes of telephonic interviewing with Google in 2 days. And if I had to describe Google in one word, I would say "interesting". Though I have little experience interacting with other companies but Google has something different. Thats what I felt.

The first interview, started with the discussion of some project work, and then there came a really really unexpected and interesting question. That was about Google News.

The question : How will you choose the two stories to be displayed on Google News homepage?

The second and more interesting question : After you decide the stories to be displayed, what about its title? A news item has got to have a title No? That was even more interesting to answer. The guy seemed impressed.

That essentially was in all the first interview. The second one started on a similar note. Though the interviewer (this time a Ma'am) seemed more interested in my projects. She chose some projects that appealed to her and asked me to explain in detail about the projects and my contribution in them.

Then came some algorithm questions.

1) How will you implement a C++ STL Vector in C?
2) Given a text file, containing a URL in each line, you have to find out the top 1000 domain names which have the maximum URLs under them.

Interesting questions.. arent they? Well your opinion may differ but it was real nice talking to Googlers..

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Moonlight n Magnolias said...

Heyy... same pinch!! I've just been selected to intern at Google this summer... and I had an extremely similar experience in the interviews..

The questions were of course different... coz I am going to be working in Adwords..!