Wednesday, February 15, 2006

And the day I made it to Google(Intern)...

Getting through an interview is special.. at least to me, who hasnt experienced success in an interview before. And when its Google, the significance is manifold. I got the great news from a very good friend of mine and could not believe it at the first instant. And did not till I confirmed myself.

Its a feeling hard to explain.. and harder to write! The day before the interview I was browsing Google's site for the intern projects. And going through past internees' experiences and their projects, and visualising myself there!
The feeling that I am one of them now, is just great.

Lets see if its Bangalore or Hyderabad..

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shrey said...

congratulations dude!
i came across ur blog in search for some stuff on raytracing...coz m a raytracin freak myself n hav tried my hands on a number of techniques too....this is just to tell u tht u r not alone ;)