Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ray Tracing Rocks!!

You just had a look at my first ray traced image. This is what I am doing in my present assignment in my course in Computer Graphics. You can see 2 spheres, well, one of them appears as an ellipse because of perspective view from eye, which does not affect the shape of the first sphere because the line joining the eye and its centre is perpendicular to the plane of projection. Enough of technical stuff right? Ok so lets talk in layman terms. Simply put, the above scene is what you will get if you had a blue sphere and an orangish sphere suspended in mid air in a room with light purple background, and have a decently good ambient lighting in the room.

Also there is a point light source(say a torch, approximately). The surface of the blue sphere is near plastic so that a point light source spreads on it more. Had it been metallic, the spot of light would have been more concentrated. Well this is only a part of my HUGE assignment, but I am overwhelmed with the results. This is damn enjoyable!

More on the assignment later.. when I have something more amazing to show :)

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